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Bonsai Development

Here we give you advice and examples on how to care for and develop your bonsai
Yamadori Material to Bonsai

The tree shown here is a European Larch (Larix Decidua) collected from a forest site by a member of NBS in 2005. Northampton Bonsai Society has an agreement with the site management to collect raw material from this forest and for a very modest fee club members can attend the dig to collect 2 or 3 trees for development.

European Larch 1.JPG

The tree is shown initially as it was discovered growing on site, with the second picture showing the tree perhaps a year later planted in a training box in some gritty soil to allow the tree to become established and regain some vigour. To be fair I think most people would agree that this tree, as it was growing in the forest, doesn’t look like the most promising piece of material.

European Larch 4.JPG

However the third picture from 2017 illustrates just what can be achieved in a relatively short period of time with a little patience and skill.

European Larch 3.JPG

This shows that it is possible to have very satisfying results from your Bonsai endeavours without the need to spend lots of money on imported or other pre-styled material.

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