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Bonsai Development

Here we give you advice and examples on how to care for and develop your bonsai
Neglected Material to Literati Bonsai

This Scots Pine Bonsai was created in May 2012 from a neglected piece of untrained material, as shown below, that had been forgotten about for about 8 years. It was “rediscovered” and in the space of 2 or 3 hours had been transformed into a promising piece of Bonsai art in a style known as Literati.

The steps in this transformation are as follows:

Scots Pine 1 Start10-5-12.png
Scots Pine 2 Wire-Repot10-5-12.png
Scots Pine 3 Wired 18-8-14.png
Scots Pine 4 LP 10-10-17.png
Scots Pine 5 Wired-Pruned 29-10-16.png
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